16 May, 2016

People's Book Prize - The Final

The time has come, dear friends. Voting has opened in the People's Book Prize 2015-2016. My novel, The Art of Letting Go, is a finalist in this year's award and I need your vote!

The People's Book Prize is a nationwide award that aims to showcase "new and undiscovered works". The results are entirely voted-for by the public and will be announced during a live Sky News broadcast in London on 12th July.

So here you have a choice. If you vote for me, you can see me collecting my award on television and know that you have been directly responsible for my success. If you don't vote for me, you can watch me do my "oh jolly good show, well done" face on television as somebody else collects the award. Both are super-fun options, but I know which one I'd prefer!

There have been many, many kind readers of this blog who have cheered and encouraged me along the way. Lots of you have bought, read, reviewed and recommended my novel and I am so grateful. Many of you also helped get me on to the shortlist by voting in the earlier rounds. Please, help me again!

If you voted for me in the first round you can now vote again. If you didn't then now's your chance! And it's not too late to buy or borrow a copy of my book and get reading! You can find the voting page with instructions here. Voting is open until the 10th July.


  1. Voted. Best of luck, Chloe!

  2. I was going to vote for you but I kept getting the sums wrong they make you do to prove you're not a robot ;-)

  3. It's okay - in the end I found my abacus at the back of the drawer!


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