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My novel-in-progress features a Bucket List - a list of things one of the characters wants to do before they die. I need your help! Some of the items on the list will be esay to research online - or maybe even try myself - but for others I would very much like to speak to somebody who has already ticked them off. If you have done any of the things below (or done something similar which you think could be of help), please, please leave a comment or e-mail me: hellochloe @

Not all items will appear in the final novel (and a lot of things that do appear in the novel aren't on this list), so please don't be offended if "your one" doesn't make the cut - all research is useful to me! I won't be asking for much information from you - hopefully just take a few minutes to answer a few questions for me.

Thanks so much.

  • mix a Singapore Sling cocktail [have you taken a lesson in cocktails generally?]
  • butcher a sheep
  • eat at a Michelin-starred restaurant
  • learn to surf
  • stay in an ice hotel
  • mush with huskies
  • ridden a unicycle
  • eat for a week only using chopsticks
  • sleep on a beach (no tent)
  • catch a salmon in Scotland
  • learn how to sex a tortoise (as in, working out if they're male or female!)
  • learn to play bridge
  • busk in Greenwich foot tunnel [have you busked anywhere else?]
  • try every instrument in one section of an orchestra [do you know about orchestras generally?]
  • make a ship in a bottle
  • stuff an animal (taxidermy not Sunday roast!)
  • make an edible foam
  • be the "fox" on a drag hunt
  • cook a three-course meal on a camp stove
  • hunt for truffles
  • try Beluga caviar
  • appear as an extra in a TV/film drama
  • walk over hot coals
  • cook Baked Alaska
  • learn the basics of the language of flowers
  • conduct an orchestra
  • learn to drystone wall
  • try fire poi
  • take a lesson in slackrope walking [done tightrope?]

In addition to this... for some of the other items on the list I need to know how to say certain things in many languages, if you are bilingual please get in touch! Also, I need to cook dishes from 30 different countries - have you ever cooked or eaten a dish from a less common cuisine (i.e. not English, American, Mexican, Moroccan, Chinese, Indian or Italian). Thanks.


  1. None of the above - and thanks for making me realise what a sad, boring life I lead!

    1. I was thinking that it was a bit sad that I haven't done anything remotely interesting enough to put in my own novel! Perhaps I should start a contest for people to suggest something they HAVE done that they think should be on the list...

  2. Wow, I'm impressed that you already know that you need to know about all these things - clearly, a planner!

    1. I am trying to plan this more, although I am 1/4-way through writing the book and have literally got to the chapter where I need some of this information! It's more that I'm just not sure which bits I'm going to need when...


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