A list of some writing successes I've notched up over the last few years.

Unless stated, competitions were for short stories.

  • Winner; Flash 500, December 2016 for "Everything After Now" (flash fiction)
  • Second Place; Association of Christian Writers, February 2016 for "Walking Home"
  • Second Place; Flash 500, December 2014 for "The Language of Fish" (flash fiction)
  • Shortlisted with Certificate of Distinction; Mere Literary Festival, October 2014 (timed flash fiction) for The Language of Fish.
  • Runner-up; Txtlit, August 2014 (flash fiction)
  • Third Place and Local Winner; Chudleigh Phoenix, January 2014 for "Learning to Talk"
  • Runner-up; Txtlit, December 2013 (flash fiction)
  • Shortlisted; Flash500, March 2013 for "21 Reasons Daddy's Not Coming Back (and one why he might)"
  • Winner; Speakeasy, October 2012 for "Handrails and Parachutes"
  • Published; charity anthology, July 2012 for "The Final Observations of George Postlethwaite"
  • Winner and runner-up; Txtlit, May 2012 (flash fiction)
  • Shortlisted; Choclit Publishing, January 2012 for "The War of the Last Rolo"
  • Winner; Association of Christian Writers, April 2011 for "Someone Like Me"
  • Winner; Write Now!, January 2011 for "The Last Illusion" 
  • Winner; Tinsel Tales, December 2010 for "Dead Cert" (flash fiction)
  • Second Place; Short Story Radio, November 2010 for "Doreen and the National Trust Terrorists" 
  • Runner-up; Txtlit, November 2010 (flash fiction) 
  • Winner; New Eastbourne Writers, September 2010 for "Breakdown
  • Second Place; Twisted Tails, June 2010 for "When All This Is Over"
  • Runner-up; Txtlit, March 2010 (flash fiction)
  • Shortlisted; Secret Seed Society, October 2009 for "The Leak at the Lido" (children's book)
  • Highly commended; Short Story Radio, August 2009 for "A Dollop of Mother"
  • Published; Earlyworks Press, July 2009 for "Starting Line"
  • Runner-up with two entries; Txtlit, April 2009 (flash fiction)
  • Winner; Txtlit, March 2009 (flash fiction)
  • Commended; Leaf Books, January 2009 for"Things to do Before Breakfast" (flash fiction)
  • Second Place; Tinsel Tales, December 2008 for"The First Present" (flash fiction)
  • Runner-up; Write Now!, November 2008 for "On a Clear Day"
  • Highly Commended; Speakeasy, October 2008 for "Waiting for the Green Man"
  • Shortlisted; Rape and Abuse Line charity competition, October 2008 for "Queen of the World"
  • Shortlisted; Helene du Coudray award for an undergraduate novelist, January 2007 for "No More Chocolate"  (novel - unpublished)

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