24 November, 2015

World Book Night 2016

It has become something of a tradition on this blog to let you know when the books have been announced for the next World Book Night. Well, they have!

Each year, on the 23rd April (Shakespeare's birthday), people around the UK volunteer to give out books to people who - through opportunity or finance - don't regularly read books. I'd love to do it myself but I've never thought of a place where I would make a difference by handing out books, so I've left it to others... so far at least!

The books to be given out for World Book Night 2016 were announced today. In 2013 I'd only read four off the list, in 2015 it was just two. In this current list, I am ashamed to say I have not read any! How many of these have you read? Would you recommend any?

  • Perfect Daughter - Amanda Prowse
  • The Rotters' Club - Jonathan Coe
  • Shadow and Bone - Leigh Bardugo
  • Too Good to be True - Ann Cleeves
  • Treachery - SJ Parris
  • Last Bus to Coffeeville - J Paul Henderson
  • A Baby at the Beach Cafe - Lucy Diamond
  • I Can't Begin to Tell You - Elizabeth Buchan
  • Someone Else's Skin  - Sarah Hilary
  • Whispering Shadows - Jan-Philipp Sendker
  • Love Poems - Carol Ann Duffy
  • Reasons to Stay Alive - Matt Haig
  • Am I Normal Yet - Holly Bourne
  • Band of Brothers - Stephen E Ambrose
  • Now You See Me - Sharon Bolton

You can see descriptions of the book on the WBN website, here. I am most drawn to The Rotters' Club and Last Bus to Coffeeville, although in my current mental state of mum-of-two-boys-under-two the ones described as easy-reading women's fiction hold a lot of appeal to. Which do you like the sound of?