06 March, 2017

Final Curtain: the end of the blog

This is the last post I'll be making on this blog. From now on I'll be blogging over on my author site: chloebanks.co.uk.

I know it is a risk moving blog address as many people will intend to add it to their reading lists and never get round to it. But I hope if you've been reading along with me so far, you'll remember to catch up with me over on my new blog too!

I started blogging about my writing journey in November 2010, when I was just starting to take writing seriously. I'd had a few minor successes - but no outright wins - in small short story competitions and was submitting a children's novel I'd been working on to agents (without success). Since then I've won a few more short story competitions, including some I'm pretty proud of, and I've written a novel which secured an agent, was published and even (briefly) topped the Amazon e-book bestsellers in its category. To find out what I'll get up to next you'll have to join me over here.

Goodbye and happy writing!