04 December, 2015

Christmas Gifts for Writers 2015

Do you have a special writer in your life? Don't know what to get them for Christmas? Let me help!

As in previous years, I've picked out a few gifts for writers and readers. This year, due mostly to not having time to browse the whole internet, I've taken them all from the marvellous shop The Literary Gift Company. They haven't paid me to write this and I don't know them, but I love pretty much all of their stuff! Other literary gift retailers are available! Here are just a few of the things they have on offer this year, that have caught my eye...

1. Depressed pencils (£5) featuring slogans such as, "In time, I'll be pointless". For the grumpy writer in your life.

2. Library t-shirt (£19.95) for those who love libraries (who doesn't?!).

3. I'm still in love with these book handbags (£54-62) and still have no reason to spend that much money on one. Sigh. I'm not even a handbag sort of person but there's something so charming about carrying around your stuff in an old book.

4. These bookends (£15.95) sum it up for me, although I confess I rarely have a shelf of books that isn't so rammed it needs bookends!

5. I love a good literary necklace, and this Alice in Wonderland one (£32) is my current favourite.

6. This quirky pillowcase (£14.95) is designed for you to jot down those late-night moments of inspirations. Comes with washable pens!

7. These posters (£24) contain the entire (legible!) text of a novel. I already own The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, but I am very struck by the brooding image for this poster of A Picture of Dorian Grey. (See here for the other novel posters currently stocked).

8. I couldn't leave something Shakespearian off the list as my novel-in-progress is about a huge Shakespeare fan. My choice of Bard products is this handy insult generator (£8.99) - a flipbook which uses words from Shakespeare himself to help you create inventive insults for every occasion. Brilliant.

And that, my sneaping pale-hearted rampallians, is all you are getting from me. Happy shopping!

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  1. Love that pillowcase.

    It took forever for our library to get rid of that stupid date stamp, but now it's gone. It's so nice to just go scan the books and print out your receipt. Technology is awesome sometimes. :)


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