02 September, 2015

The People's Book Prize

I am thrilled to announce that my debut novel, The Art of Letting Go (Thistle Publishing), has been nominated for The People's Book Prize.

The People's Book Prize is a quarterly competition which aims to get new or undiscovered authors read by a wider public. Each quarter a list of books in three categories - fiction, non-fiction and children - is drawn up and the public vote for a winner in each one. There is then an annual award ceremony where an overall winner is chosen from the quarterly finalists. The founding patron of the award is the great Beryl Bainbridge (five times Booker Prize nominee) and the patron is Frederick Forysth (best known perhaps for The Day of the Jackal).

If you have read my novel and enjoyed it, please do take a few moments to vote for it. It would mean so much to me. You can vote for it here. If you haven't yet read The Art of Letting Go then you can find it here, or you might be able to request it from your library (there are two copies in circulation in libraries and I don't know where they are currently!) As I write this it has 103 reviews with an average of 4.3 stars, so there's even a chance you may enjoy it!

I would also be very grateful to anybody who feels like blogging, tweeting or otherwise spreading the word on my behalf. I shall of course be doing all I can, but with a one-week old baby and a one year-old toddler, I rely on the kindness of friends and strangers!

Voting is open until 30th November. Thank-you!


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