22 August, 2014

Blog Tour - Dan Purdue and Suzi Retlaff

I have a confession. Despite tweeting about it, I totally forgot to post a link here on the day I did a book stop at Dan's blog. Please please make him forgive me by going over and seeing what I had to say about being flexible as a writer. Please.

While we are confessing things. Today I had my final book stop with Suzi and we talked about secrets! Confess a secret of your own, or tell me your favourite line in literature, and you could win a copy of my book. Thank you for following the tour!

18 August, 2014

Blog Tour - Tom Benson

Today, I stopped by the blog of Tom Benson to talk epistolary novels. Or, if you're like me, you might want to call them "those novel written as letters between the characters". Letters form an important part of my novel - if you'd like to know why, please do go and read my post and leave a comment. Thank-you!

11 August, 2014

Blog Tour - Simon P Clark

Today I am over on the blog of children's author Simon P Clark as part of my The Art of Letting Go book tour. Simon's much-anticipated debut book, Eren, is out next month - I've already pre-ordered my copy!

In my post I'm talking about why the geology of Sussex nearly ruined my novel and how to make sure you're never invited to dinner ever again. Do go and check it out!

07 August, 2014

Blog Tour - Freya Morris

The next stop on my book tour for The Art of Letting Go is over at the blog of Freya Morris. Freya is one of my best blogging buddies and has been a fountin of enthusiasm and helpfulness over the last few months in particular. She also happens to be a pretty excellent writer herself. So please do go and support us both by reading what I have to say on the subject of voice and structure, and why I wrote my novel using four different viewpoints.

04 August, 2014

Blog Tour - Derek Thompson

My blog tour starts in earnest today on the fabulous blog belonging to Derek Thompson. Please do go and read about how three failures eventually made a successful novel for me!