27 May, 2014

Introducing: The Art of Letting Go

If you've visited me here more than once before, you probably know that I am about to have my first novel published by Thistle Publishing. I think I've mentioned it once or twice (per week) ever since I accepted the offer of publication. As the day draws nearer when my book will be available to buy, I thought it would be well to actually tell you what it's all about.

The Art of Letting Go is a novel about art and artifice, extraordinary secrets and ordinary madness. You can read a short blurb on my website. This is the slightly longer version!

In the seaside village of Brackton, physicist Rosemary Blunt appears to be living out her retirement in content solitude. But Rosemary has a secret. Twice a week she visits a nearby hospital to see a man who has been lying in a coma for over a year. This is a man she has every reason for hating, and now she must decide whether to keep him alive or let him die.

Whilst in the middle of this dilemma, Rosemary is annoyed to find an abstract artist has moved into the cottage on the beach. Ben paints pictures of  things that can't be described in words - happiness, jealousy, fear. Rosemary is determined not to like him, especially when she finds out he is trying to paint a picture of God. Ben however, is equally determined they should be friends and Rosemary finds herself rapidly drawn into his abstract world of colour and shapes, distortion and manipulation. 

When Ben becomes entangled with two other women, Rosemary's secret is in danger of being revealed, but it also becomes clear that she is not the only one hiding something. Nor is she the only one battling to keep the ghosts of the past away. As summer wears on and time begins to run out, Rosemary and Ben must decide whether they can trust each other with their secrets, choosing between the madness of admitting the truth and the insanity of maintaining their lies. 

Will Ben ever finish painting God? Why can't Rosemary let the comatose man go? Are there some secrets too terrible to be told?

I am currently waiting to see the cover design options for the novel and then I should be able to give you a publication date. Getting exciting now!


  1. Brilliant - I love the blurb and the questions it poses, and the idea of combining abstract concepts and personal lives.

  2. Thank-you. The whole concept of using abstract art as a subtext only came about in the second draft. Shows how important taking your time over writing is!

  3. If the earlier draft I read is anything to go on I can recommend without hesitation it to Chloe's followers!

  4. Can't wait to see the cover. Well, and read it too. Are you getting nervous at all?


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