20 May, 2014

New Website

After months of saying I will, I have finally got round to making a website. Or, more accurately, I have finally got round to getting my wonderful husband to make me a website. You can find it at chloebanks.co.uk - do go and take a peek.

We decided to keep my site simple. I looked at a lot of writer's websites and there was a huge range of styles. The famous writers tended to be very professional and have great photography, slideshows of book covers and all sorts of other snazzy things. Most writers though have much smaller-scale sites and many seemed not to have thought much about the content. Or rather, they'd thought about everything THEY wanted to say, not what the reader wanted to read. So many websites or blogs had tonnes of different pages and 'About Me' sections that ran into hundreds and hundreds of words detailing the author's life from childhood - not just their writing, but house moves, divorces, every piece of inspiration that helped them on their way. A website isn't an excuse to write an autobiography. It's great to know a bit of detail about a writer but nobody is going to read a full essay. We're not as interesting as we like to think we are!

So, while the content on my website is almost certainly not perfect, if you pop over there you can take heart in the knowledge that it will take you five minutes to read the whole site. I'm not a believer in padding things out for the sake of it. Hopefully one day I'll need one of those big slideshowy, snazzy sites, but for now I'm just happy to have one book to tell the world about.

Have you seen any great examples of writer or artist websites we could all learn from?


  1. Love the overall look and layout!

  2. It looks great Chloe and you've proved that 'less is more'. I have one in the design stage at the moment (pro designer, not me), and I've been very conscious of the things you mentioned.


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