03 September, 2013

Zodiac Blog Series - Schedule

In July I asked for volunteers to produce a poem, story or mini-essay based on the signs of the zodiac, in order to create a blog series of creative writing. I was blown away by the quick and enthusiastic response.

Now, having received most of the posts for the series, I have a schedule for you! The stories and poems will be posted on Tuesdays, starting next week and running through to the end of November. If you click on the Zodiac Blog Series page above you can meet the authors and visit their blogs in advance. I am really excited about the mix of people who have volunteered for this project - go check them out!

I considered all sorts of logical ways of ordering the posts based on the alphabet or order of the zodiac, but because some pieces have been unavoidably delayed and had to be put towards the end, there was no way it worked out. So I went for the tried and tested method of writing down all the names and pulling bits of paper from a hat*!

  • 10th September - Helen Murray; Sagittarius
  • 17th September - Dan Purdue; Gemini
  • 24th September - Alicia Rades; Virgo
  • 1st October - Martyn Beardsley; Leo
  • 8th October - Simon P. Clark; Cancer
  • 15th October - Jenny Hickson; Capricorn
  • 22nd October - Derek Thompson; Scorpio
  • 29th October - Anna Lickley; Libra
  • 5th November - Iain Pattison; Aries
  • 12th November - Kirsten-Valerie Nott; Aquarius
  • 19th November - Joe Hickson; Pisces
  • 26th November - Alicia Myers; Taurus
If you need something to read before next week, have a squint at this old post of mine containing my prize-winning story Handrails and Parachutes, featuring two zodiac signs for the price of one!

If you are an author and there is something not quite right about your biography, or there's a problem with the date I've given you, then let me know. Please spread the word about the series and remember to pop back and read other people's entries when you have time. Thank-you so much again for your hard work!

*for 'hat', read 'plastic take-away container'


  1. If it wasn't a real hat I don't think it's legally binding, but okay...


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