24 September, 2013

Virgo by Alicia Rades

Welcome to Part Three of my 12-part Zodiac Blog Series. On Tuesdays in autumn I'm posting a story or poem each written especially for this blog by a different author. Each piece of writing has taken one of the signs of the zodiac as its inspiration. For the full list of participants - from established authors to first-time writers - plus the posting schedule and links to previous stories and poems, please visit the Zodiac Blog Series Page.

This week I bring you a poem inspired by Virgo, written by Alicia Rades. I  know nothing about poetry so I'm glad somebody has written some for my blog for me!

Alicia recalls writing her first poem at the age of 8. As she grew up, she filled notebooks with poetry and song lyrics. When she was 17, she started freelance writing and continues writing today. Visit her blog at TheWritingRealm.com, and then check her out on Facebook and Twitter.



My hands tremble
As our lips meet
Adrenaline rush
Is so sweet

As you smile
My heart races
There’s joy in
Both our faces

Our bodies collide
For the first time
The way you move
Is like the perfect rhyme

In the moment
I lose myself
Caught up in you
And overwhelmed

It’s all emotions
Rolled into one
Happiness, joy,
Thrills, and fun

You touch me gently
You care for me
It was everything
I thought it could be

I catch my breath
And ponder how
I never knew love
Until right now


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