16 September, 2013

Un-Conspiracy Theory

My flash fiction Un-Conspiracy Theory is the story for today over at Everyday Fiction. If you have time for a five minute read, please do go over and take a peek and let me know what you think. All support is very welcome! This is the second piece I've had published at EDF and I seem to be using it as a resting place for all my most flippant writing. Un-Conspiracy Theory is a tragic tale of what happens to the conspiracy theorists when the government decide to tell the truth about everything.

For more (even better) flash fiction, return here tomorrow to read the next installment in the Zodiac Blog Series - Gemini by Dan Purdue.


  1. Great story, but worrying on a personal level - I believe in all those conspiracy theories! You weren't commissioned to write it by someone in the government by any chance, were you??

    1. You have my sympathy ;)

      On a completely unrelated note, I may have to eliminate you.

  2. Love the story. We do need some mystery in this world don't we? Otherwise it's a boring place. :)


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