21 March, 2014

Quotable Friday (25)

In 2003, the British public voted for their favourite books. As a series-within-a-series, I am posting a quotation from each of the top 10 books in that list. Last week was Jane Eyre; this week is number nine on the list - The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe by CS Lewis. I gave this book 8/10 for enjoyment.

I've posted so many CS Lewis quotations during this Quotable Friday series, it feels like cheating to do another one, but I didn't make the list! The books are full of profound thoughts, but also a lot of humour - I can never decide which to share with you. On this occasion I decided to go for the humour, with a passage that isn't particularly famous, but which tickled me when I re-read the book last month. The lion Aslan is gathering his forces to go and do battle against the wicked witch...

"The most pleased of the lot was the other lion who kept running about everywhere pretending to be very busy but really in order to say to everyone he met, "Did you hear what he said? Us Lions. That means him and me. Us Lions. That's what I like about Aslan. No side, no stand-off-ishness. Us Lions. That meant him and me." At least he went on saying this till Aslan had loaded him up with three dwarfs, one dryad, two rabbits and a hedgehog. That steadied him a bit."

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