05 December, 2013

The Nation's Favourite Children's Book

Last week booktrust revealed the results of their poll to discover the nation's favourite book to read before the age of 14. Having posted about the angst canon of books teenagers read, I thought it was only right to bring you the top ten list from this vote as well. Here it is, in the correct order: 

  1. Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone - JK Rowling [also overall winner 9-11 years]
  2. The Hunger Games - Suzanne Collins [overall winner 12-14 years]
  3. The BFG - Roald Dahl [overall winner 6-8 years]
  4. The Very Hungry Caterpillar - Eric Carle [overall winner 0-5 years]
  5. Winnie-the-Pooh - AA  Milne
  6. The Cat in the Hat - Dr. Seuss
  7. The Fellowship of the Ring - JRR Tolkien
  8. Charlotte's Web - EB White
  9. Northern Lights - Philip Pullman
  10. The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe - CS Lewis

I read nine of these before or around the time I was 14. The Hunger Games wasn't published then, though I've seen the first film, and I think the premise is amazing. It's interesting that nine of the books WERE published while I was a child. The books of the last decade - with the exception of The Hunger Games - seem to have some catching up to do!

What would you have on your list of top children's books? I think this list is quite well-rounded - well done to the 24 000 people who voted!


  1. You know about my Philippa Pearce story, but completely regardless of having met her I think any list of great children's books has to include Tom's Midnight Garden. And on the subject of Tom, Goodnight Mr Tom probably deserves a place too.

    1. I put this link on facebook and loads of people commented there instead of here, including my sister who said Goodnight Mr. Tom was her choice! And you're so right - I love Tom's Midnight Garden so much!

  2. Its a good list, like you I read all of them when I was younger but the hunger games. I completely agree with billyblogger about Goodnight Mr Tom - one of those thats stuck with me most through the years.

    1. I enjoyed Goodnight Mr. Tom at school. Seems like it's a popular choice!


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