11 December, 2013

Alfie Dog Fiction

Today, two of my short stories have been published on Alfie Dog Fiction. ADF is one of the biggest short story downloads websites around, with about 1200 stories currently available. What I love about it is the range of stories they have on site. Most fiction websites are quite niche - often focussing on one genre or (my pet hate) saying they only publish the very best of literary fiction without paying their authors anything.

On Alfie Dog you're pretty much guaranteed to be able to find something you like, with the satisfaction of knowing that the person who wrote the story is going to actually be paid for their work. They have a huge range of commerical fiction and you can pick individual stories, single-author anthologies or multi-author anthologies. At just 39 pence per story it's good value and you can choose the file type to suit your particular brand of e-reader or to be able to read on your normal computer as well.

I've been looking for somewhere like Alfie Dog for ages. I have a back-catalogue of stories which have won awards or been published elsewhere just sitting on my computer. I wanted to find a home for them that had some editorial control - i.e. not a place where they accept everything thrown at them, but are at least a little selective about quality - but that didn't mind stories having been published in the past. And here it is! It's a relatively new venture and I know they'd be really glad for readers and writers to spread the word about them and to submit work to them as well. So please have a browse, tweet about them, and maybe find a couple of stories you like the look of to download for your lunch break. Hey, if you can't choose, you can always start with mine! Only 78p to download both...

Breakdown won first prize in a short story competition a couple of years ago.  
Convinced she will never be the mother she should be, Jenny is running away from her daughter in order to give her a better life. However, on a late-night train to Anywhere-At-All, she falls into conversation with an odd ticket inspector and suddenly things don’t seem quite so simple.

A Dollop of Mother was one of my first stories to be highly commended in a competition. It's a bit more of a light-hearted tale than my usual offerings!
Melanie’s attempts to charm her village neighbours by entering the Victoria Sponge Cake competition have only succeeded in proving she is not the culinary queen her mother was. This year, she’s determined to do better. Can she avoid scorn? Will her sponge be light enough? And will she ever learn to be like her mother?


  1. That's cool. I'll have to go check Alfie out.

    I have no idea what 39 pence is though. I'll have to go see if they take US dollars too. :)


    1. 39 pence is approximately 64 cents! :)


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