24 January, 2011

Doreen and the National Trust Terrorist

Avid fans of this blog might remember my post a few months back outlining some of the things I had been writing at the time. One of those things was a short story romance that I wrote when I was getting annoyed with the short story that I had been writing for weeks and wouldn't stop being terrible. Well, I am delighted to say that my story, Doreen and the National Trust Terrorist, was runner-up in the Short Story Radio Romance Award. I was pleased enough with this anyway, thinking that it meant I was probably in the top 6-8 entries, but it turns out that they were only choosing a winner and a runner-up so this is actually second place. Who would have thought?! My prize is a critique from the judge - a ex-magazine editor and editorial consultant.

I feel a bit like I've cheated I have to admit. I've never written romance before and it's not really a genre I've read either. I entered for a bit of light-hearted relief. The idea of a group of pensioners running round causing mayhem at National Trust properties came to me a couple of years ago when I was out walking, but despite all my best efforts I couldn't get it to work. Then when this competition came up I thought I'd have a crack at turning it into a romance and here we are... Bizarre!

Unless any writers out there know any different, I suppose as I own the copyright I can put the story up as a page on this blog now the competition is over. So I may well do that sometime. It's not the best thing I've ever written - and it's quite "women's magazine" which is not a genre I usually write - but it's one of the few happy things I've managed to get to work so I have quite an affection for it.


  1. I think I might just set up a 'Congratulations Chloe' block to start all my comments on your blog.
    Once again I'm not only impressed by your win, because it is a 'win', I am also impressed by your attitude to your own writing. It would be too easy to let it go to your head but you are taking each success in your stride. In a non-writer, flowery way I'm saying it makes you sound like a nice person.
    On the copyright matter, unless the competition entry forbids further publication elsewhere for a given time period it's yours to do as you see fit. The copyright is yours unless you state otherwise, but it might be worth checking back if there is supposed to be a time gap before you post it... even on your own blog.
    Looking forward to your next success my friend.

  2. Ha! I only write about the good ones. It just so happens that I've had a run of good luck. Overall, my hit rate is about 50% - half of competitions I get something (runner-up, or commended or something)and half I don't get anything. But thank you! :)

    Thanks for the copyright advice!


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