23 November, 2010

On Writing

It's about time I joined in with the mass ranks of writers out there and started blogging about all my trials, tribulations and - hopefully one day - triumphs. I had intended this blog to be full of deep thoughts, but from looking at the archive it is clear that I don't have deep thoughts very often. I do however, write rather a lot. So it's time to sprinkle a little of the mundane in amongst the the ramblings.

These are some of the things that have been going on in my study recently:
1) A lot of impatient waiting to hear back from magazine editors (about my first attempts at writing women's commercial fiction) and competition judges
2) Occasional correspondances from magazine editors and competition judges of a disappointing nature
3) Preparing the first 12 000 words of my YA novel to send off to an editorial service for their advice
4) Failing to write my latest short story, 'Flicker', to my satisfaction
5) Writing flash fiction when I need a day off from Flicker
6) Throwing my hands up in despair and entering romance competitions for a joke with a story about a pensioner who causes mayhem at National Trust properties
7) Half-heartedly practising Teeline

I did do rather well in a competition a couple of months back, but that begins to seem somewhat irrelevant so many weeks - and so much rejection - later. Never mind, eh? Onwards and upwards...

So, what do you write in your study?*

*When I ask questions, it's not rhetorical. It makes me feel that writing a blog post is more than just a way to make me feel that I've achieved something today. It would humour me greatly if anyone saw fit to answer.


  1. My study doesn't see much in the way of writing at the moment... its more a dumping ground for all of the husbands stuff that keeps appearing out of the in-laws loft that we haven't sorted yet....

  2. Surely with four bedrooms between the two of you he could find somewhere else to dump things?!

  3. I'm sure he could, but now he doesn't need a study its actually the least used room!


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