04 July, 2016

The Moorlander

Excited to see a little piece in Dartmoor newspaper, The Moorlander, this week about my nomination for the People's Book Prize. Here I am in the top left, sharing a page with Ann Widdecombe, a hair and beauty specialist, and a job advertisement for a care home. Hitting the big time!

Voting closes for the People's Book Prize on Sunday and you can see the results announced live on Sky News on Tuesday 12th. So keep voting and spreading the word, please! I've bought a new dress and everything. With any luck it won't even have bits of rice cake and baby dribble on it - you never know.


  1. Good luck, Chloe!

  2. Have a wonderful time there and enjoy the experience. May it be the first of many.

  3. Ah, even in these digital days there's something very exciting about getting into an actual paper. Well done, and the very best of luck for tomorrow!


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