04 March, 2016

And Now For Something a Bit Different...

I was honoured recently to be asked to write a guest post for the blog Science and Belief, run by the Faraday Institute. My post, On Not Having a Third Eyelid, was posted yesterday. I found it beautifully refreshing to write a piece of non-fiction again - especially as I had to dust off my credentials as a scientist in order to do it. If nothing else, it was great to have a brief and a deadline and actually complete a piece of writing!

I'm even more chuffed that Biologos have asked to re-post my blog post on their own website. Biologos is a big and well-respected American organisation - started by the head of the human genome project Dr. Francis Collins - that seeks to promote the harmony between science and faith. They have a big readership and I've been following them for nearly a decade now.

If you'd like to read my guest post and see me in my scientist disguise, you can find it here.

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