18 February, 2016

Mentioned in Writing Magazine

I had a surreal experience the other day while leafing through Writing Magazine. My eye was drawn to a familiar picture on one of the news pages... the cover of my novel, The Artof Letting Go.

The article in question was a snippet about Thistle Publishing, who published my novel in July 2014. It was mainly written to provide writers looking for publication with the information about the company. (Although I have an agent, Thistle do accept submissions from unagented authors, in case any reader of this blog is gearing up to submit their novel anywhere!) However, the quotation in the article from the publisher included these rather lovely lines:

"Two of our biggest books this year were Cabin Fever by Mandy Smith - the scandalous memoirs of a Virgin air hostess, and The Art of Letting Go by Chloe Banks - a wonderfully atmospheric and mysterious debut novel. Both books have recently been shortlisted for The People's Book Prize, and both were bestsellers."

It was a pleasant surprise to see my novel mentioned in the UK's bestselling writing magazine - especially as a success story for my publisher and as a bestseller!


  1. Wow! Really proud of you still/again!

  2. What a great experience! Congratulations!

  3. What a cool surprise. If it were me, I'd probably blink my eyes and wonder if what I saw was really there. :)

  4. You're officially a bestselling author. Many congratulations, Chloe!


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