12 June, 2015

Archive Autumn - Participants Needed!

A couple of years ago I ran a series of guest blog posts, each an original piece of flash fiction, basd around a sign of the zodiac and written for this blog by an array of talented writers. I had everyone from first-time writers to traditionally-published authors taking part. It was a big success for me, and I hope for the authors too (two of the stories are still in my Top 10 most-read posts!)

This autumn I'm doing it again. But it's easier this time! I'm not asking for people to write me something original; I'm asking all you writers out there to lend me something from your archive. Do you have a post that generated plenty of comments or interest, or just a post that drew no interest whatsoever but happens to be a favourite of yours? I'd love to re-blog it on my site - hopefully drawing more readers to your blog and/or sales for your books in the process.

I'm not just doing this because I'm lazy. As some of you may have picked up from subtle hints in earlier posts, I'm going to have my hands full again this autumn, as my one-year old (who already keeps my hands pretty full!) is joined by another little one in August. I'd be so grateful to anyone who can join in with my Archive Autumn while I try and keep my head above water in the family home!

I'd need to receive the archive post, along with any links you want to share, an author photo and a couple of sentences about you before the end of July. Can you help?

Please do spread the word!


  1. Hi Chloe,

    I'd be happy to pitch in if you can't fill a slot.

  2. I'll have a rummage in my archives!

  3. I'm sure we could dig up something from the archives :)


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