28 October, 2014

Thanks for Being a Writer

Have you ever been thanked for being a writer?

I recently sent out a few copies of my novel The Art of Letting Go as part of a giveaway I was running. Yesterday I receieved a lovely postcard from one of the people who got a copy, and I thought I'd share it. Not only was it wonderful to get a thank-you card at all - all the way from Canada as well - but the card itself was a special "thanks for writing" card.

Here's what it looks like...

On the back are these words:

Magic is all around us
But it takes special eyes

to pull it from the everyday
and turn it into something that
will make a child smile.

All this technology
all these advancements

yet the very best time of day
is when I curl up with a book,
a child, and our imaginations,

Keep writing,
what more can I say?

So if you're a writer who has written a book I've enjoyed, shared the journey of writing with me, or simply encouraged and inspired other writers and readers through what you do... Thank-you for writing!


  1. What a nice sentiment. Books do give such pleasure, don't they!

  2. Replies
    1. People who tell storytellers they rock, also rock!

  3. A lovely, timely reminder about the joy of reading and the connection that is made when a piece of writing truly touches someone and enables them to feel something as a consequence.

    1. Yes - I think we can forget, in the chaos of writing, about the joy of reading!


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