25 July, 2014

Quotable Friday (35)

More sage advice and wise words from Blanche Ebbutt today and her book Don'ts for Husbands. There are 11 sections in the book - this week I offer you titbits from "General Habits" and "Personal Relations".

"Don't sit down to breakfast in your shirt-sleeves in hot weather on the ground that "only your wife" is present. She is a woman like any other woman. The courtesies you give to womankind are her due and she will appreciate them."

"Don't shelter her from every wind that blows. You will kill her soul that way, if you save her body."

[After an argument.] "Don't refuse your wife's overtures when next you meet if you have unfortunately had a bit of breeze. Remember it costs her something to make them, and if you weren't a bit of a pig, you would save her the embarrassment by making them yourself."

Then there's lots of charming advice on staying in love, having fun together and not pointing out faults. Lovely.

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