10 June, 2011

The Blogosphere

Isn't blogosphere a horrible word?

You can probably tell that I am having an unproductive writing week by the fact that I'm posting on here for the second day in a row. But it is for good reason. When idly browsing my blog stats yesterday (told you - slow week!) I noticed that several visitors had clicked through to my blog from a link on someone else's blog. It got me thinking about my fellow writing bloggers, how I "met" quite a lot of them through other blogs and how I am enjoying being connected to a few other writers in this way, even if it is only occasionally and online.

If, like me, you find yourself idle sometimes, why not visit some of my companions at their home blogs, using the list I've added over on the right. Currently, you'll find the lovely Nari, who is writing a young adult novel; Freya, whose life is freakishly similar to mine in lots of ways; Derek, who's just posted the great first chapter of his work-in-progress; artist as well as writer, Tom; the author of the Sir Gadabout books, Martyn; Andy, who is posting his novel up on the blog, tantalising section by tantalising section; fantasy and sci-fi fan, H C Clarke; short-story writer and flash fiction guru, Dan and the refreshingly candid, Paul.

These are the people I take comfort from - there's always someone who is having a lucky break, an attack of writer's block or a slow week (my turn this week). It reminds me that, as it says in the bible, "Time and chance happens to every man."

PS: while I'm giving a few shout-outs, I would like to draw your attention to the stock exchange where I get most of the pictures for my blog. It's a great resource of images that are free for personal use. Good news for those of us who like pictures but don't like stealing.


  1. Haha Chloe - you're so right - freakishly similar! Especially the stock exchange that I've started using the last couple of weeks for work!

    I found I was also getting alot of traffic from Patsy's blog - which made me delete my most recent post because in hind sight I think it was a bit naff : )

  2. Hi Chloe, I think we all benefit from one another - sometimes it goads us and sometimes it inspires us. But the main thing is that we have a sense of community. Creativity can be bloody hard work and it takes its toll, whatever form it takes. I also find it useful to broaden my take on what creativity and productivity are, and try not to judge them by payment and word count alone. Thinking can be creative too!

    By the way, one for Freya: a friend of mine is moving to Clifton this month (she has a book contracted to Linen Press) - are there any writers' groups you know of in that area?

  3. I feel like I should be able to help you there Derek - I used to live in Clifton! But I can't so maybe Freya can.

  4. Hi Derek,

    There aren't too many. I went to this one for a while, but it didn't work for me: http://bristolwritersgroup.net/
    Plus it was always getting full.

    Also, Bristol Uni has one if they work there. Otherwise it might be time to set a new one up! Happy to be apart of that if she's interested - especially as she'll be living so close.

  5. Hi Chloe,

    I think it's great the way we're all interconnected, although I agree with you that the word "Blogosphere" is truly awful.

    Many thanks for the mention, and I'm grinning at the thought of being called a "guru" of anything, let alone flash fiction.

    Good work on providing such an interesting and thoughtful blog. Keep up the good work!

  6. Thanks Dan. I thought you'd like it ;)

  7. Many thanks for the mention my friend ... just for a nanosecond it made me feel famous ... LOL. On a more serious note, but on the same subject, I will get around to checking out a couple of your other contacts because they look like interesting people. I have as always a couple of short stories on the go and obviously my novel and poetry, but I will make time for visits.

    While I'm on here this time I want to say thank you and well done on behalf of any and all who get in touch through your blog entries and contact list. I do my best, as you know, to build a good list of links for any visitors. All I've got to do now is attract some visitors!


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