29 April, 2011

Smoke and Mirrors

Now they have announced the results on their website, I am very pleased to say that I have been awarded first prize in the short story competition run by Write Now! The theme was Smoke and Mirrors and my entry was called The Last Illusion.

I'm really pleased with this - not just because I can finally afford new running shoes now, but also because I had real trouble with this short story for a while. It was the last thing I wrote before going back to my novel and I had to write so many drafts before I felt like it worked. I tried writing it in the first person and third person, from the female character's point of view and goodness knows what else before I finally found the right tense and voice. The key breakthrough was when I suddenly found myself humming the old wartime tune, We'll Meet Again, and realised I could use those lyrics to pull the whole thing together. Phew! It was apparently worth it in the end.

The last time Write Now! ran a competition it was one of the first things I entered and, although I didn't get one of the top three prizes, I was a runner-up which encouraged me to keep writing in those early stages when I was only just discovering how disheartening it could be! It's a very well run competition and I was pleased to be able to support it again and even more pleased to find that my writing hasn't gone downhill since last time!

Writing has been going quite well for me over the last few months, but with my novel currently being pulled apart by the Writer's Workshop, I'm not sure I'll be feeling so clever in a few weeks.... Happy Royal Wedding Day everyone!


  1. Well done Chloe! When can we get to read it?

  2. Well done, clever you,

  3. Thank you everyone! I am now thinking of bringing myself back to reality by entering the Bridport Prize!

  4. Well done, Chloe! It's great when things just slot into place like that, isn't it? Particularly when you've struggled with finding the right way to tell the story beforehand. Good to see your persistence paid off. Enjoy your running shoes and good luck with Bridport!

  5. CONGRATULATIONS Chloe! It proves the point that not only do you apply yourself to making the effort, you are obviously a talented writer.
    Good luck with the Bridport, not that you need it ...
    I'm really pleased things are going well for you.

  6. We all liked the story - and grandma & grandad - so you're also appealing to an older audience! Excellent stuff.

  7. Thanks Dad :) After I e-mailed it, it occurred to me that the subject matter might not have been the most sensitive thing to be sending right now - but I'm glad everyone liked it.


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