14 December, 2010

A Bitter Better Irony

The husband and I were in a well-known chain of bookstores (OK, Waterstones) on Saturday when we stumbled on the most beautiful coincidence. It was a lesson for me in not wasting time being bitter at rejection - God has far too great a sense of humour for that...

I caught sight of The People's Friend Annual on one of the tables. The PF have recently rejected two of my stories for publication in their magazine so I picked it up with a rather graceless, "They don't like my stories, so I absolutely refuse to like their stories." And then what was the first sentence I read when I flipped to a random page?

Chloe was enjoying the story immensely.

Even I had to laugh.


  1. This was a nice little slice of Flash Fact.
    I couldn't help wondering how many books you have on the subject of writing? Whether you would refer to them as instructional, research etc, I'm not sure but I have built up quite a library in my little study. Relevance?
    There are a couple of good books out there that will clearly tell you what the basic brief is for example; People's Friend, Weekly News, Mills and Boon...
    Having said that, you certainly look like you know what you're doing. Competitions are a well established part of your writing life.

  2. Lest I forget my friend, I only started my blog a few days ago (as you probably gathered), but I decided to write off most of yesterday building it up and getting it to look almost decent. I'm happy enough with it as it stands at the moment but I'll have to await other peoples' comments.
    One of the things I did manage was to get a fair handful of sites listed on my links. I've only mentioned this because I think a couple of them might be useful to your good self.
    Hopefully, if I've done it right I've logged myself in to follow your exploits...
    Take care.

  3. Thanks Tom! I'll have a little peek at your blog again later.

    I don't have many books on writing actually. "On Writing" by Stephen King is one of the most fantastic things I've read though. I'm glad I look like I know what I'm doing, it comes from being from a family of actors...


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