20 January, 2016

Happy New Year!

Hands up who got a stash of books and/or other literary gifts this Christmas? I thought I'd start 2016 not with a list of my writing resolutions - this is woefully short - but with a glimpse of my favourite literary gift.

I was lucky enough to receive all sorts of wonderful things for Christmas, including this Alice in Wonderland necklace. My favourite book-themed gift though had to be this surprise present from my parents.

I may not yet have written a novel that will become a classic for generations to come, but my mug thinks I have. As I don't drink tea or coffee, nobody has ever got me a special mug before, but I do drink hot water all the time so it's nice to be included at last!

What were your favourite Christmas gifts?


  1. Happy New Year, Chloe. Hard to say exactly what my favourite literary gift was, but one of them - to myself! - is a reading list for 2016. You've inspired me!

    1. Happy new year, Derek! An admirable gift! I hope you enjoy it.


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