20 March, 2013

Gifts for Writers and Readers

Let's talk about something very close to my heart. Presents. Everyone loves presents, right? OK, you might not love ALL the present's you've ever recieved. But oddly-scented toiletries, Simpsons paraphernalia and bizarre kitchen utensils aside, presents bring out the child in us. For some of us, the child isn't very well-hidden anyway.

If you want gift ideas for the cherished writer in your life (and if you don't have one, I am willing to take on that role), you have to head to The Literary Gift Company. I love this place! There are so many wonderful gifts for writers, readers and literary-lovers. You WILL find something you love. (I promise you they're not paying me to write this post - though if you are from the company you are welcome to lavish me with gifts!)

Here are 10 examples of products from their website, complete with pretty pictures. You can get some of these gifts from other places, but I love this company so I'm sticking to them for this post! They also deliver worldwide as well, so my far-flung friends needn't feel left out.

1. Invisible shelves. Walls covered in floating books - that's my idea of interior decoration! What could be more beautiful? From £11.95.

2. Helvetica scarf. Crazy price for a scarf, but if you need a special present for a design-buff, this is wonderfully original. My husband loves Helvetica. £54.

3. Banned book bracelet. Metal reproductions of covers from books which were banned, including To Kill a Mockingbird. £14.50

4. Literary map of Britain and Ireland. My absolute favourite! Names of authors arranged by where they came from. (Also available: just children's authors, just Wales, and the USA). £12.

5. Novel posters. My other favourite! Huge posters containing the entire text of famous novels arranged to create a beautiful picture. The one pictured is Pride and Prejudice, but new titles are being added all the time. Current titles include Alice in Wonderland, Gulliver's Travels and The Picture of Dorian Grey. Take a look! £23-26.

6. Rory's Story Cubes. Great for inspiration - throw the nine dice and make up a story from the pictures. Over 10 million different combinations! £10.95.

7. Penguin postcards. 100 postcards each with a different Penguin book cover - from The Great Gatsby to Keeping Poultry and Rabbits on Scraps. (Also available are Ladybird books and Puffin books). £14.95.

8. Poetry instead of a card. Why buy over-priced cards at gift shops when you could give a little book of ten poems instead? There are tonnes of themes to choose from - tea, pudding, revenge, love... £4.95.

9. Book handbag. Expensive but pretty awesome. These handbags aren't just made to look like books, they are made from "reclaimed" books themselves. Several to choose from - this one's The Wind in the Willows. £58.

10.Literary cufflinks. What with all the jewellery and handbags and whatnot, I thought I should stick this in for the classy gentlemen among you! Each pair is made from two random entries from an old dictionary of literary terms.

Also to be found - hundreds of book cover t-shirts, bags, journals, notebooks, cards, chocolate, wrapping paper, homeware...

Any of these take your fancy? Or have you every seen/received an even better literary present?

[PS: My birthday is in October. Just sayin'.]


  1. I love the banned book bracelet and I totally need those story dice!

  2. I love the idea of having an entire book on your wall - it has to be the novel posters for me :)

  3. Angelina - I love the idea of using books as jewellery :) I think they're so beautiful.

    Jenny - they are so stunning. My problem would be deciding which I liked best and whether to choose my favourite books or favourite designs from the collection!


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